SCHN Eating Disorder Intensive Program for Adolescents

Counselling, Nutrition & Eating Disorders, Hospital & GP

Opening Times

Monday - Sunday Closed


Sydney Children’s Hospital Network and the Butterfly Foundation have teamed up to create a new service for adolescents with an eating disorder.
The program is a state wide service offering comprehensive multidisciplinary care. It is specifically designed for adolescents who have not progressed with previous treatment programs. The clinical interventions are tailored to address the specific barriers adolescents with an eating disorder experience by increasing their capacity to cope with distress and the challenge of eating. Family participation is an essential component of the program and the team work intensively with parents to help participants progress and address the impact of the illness on themselves and their family.
The program team is multi-disciplinary consisting of clinical psychologists, social workers, dietician, nurse consultant, paediatrician and psychiatrist.

Need to know

Appointment: Required.
Referral: Required. GP
Catering to: Up to age 16.
Cost: Paid service.
Parent or guardian: Parent must attend intial meeting.
Languages: English