Cherrybrook Chinese Community Association Incorporated

Community Service, Education & Training, Multicultural


Cherrybrook Community and Cultural Centre, 31 Shepards Lane Shepards Drive, Cherrybrook NSW

Opening Times

Monday - Sunday Closed


The goals and objectives of the Cherrybrook Chinese Community Association are defined as; to foster a mutual understanding amongst the people of various communities; to encourage members to take an active interest in the civic, cultural, social and moral welfare of the community; to promote Chinese culture, education and ethics; to encourage young people to develop good citizenship, leadership and public awareness; to provide a forum for the open discussion of matters of mutual interest, interchange of information and the personal development of all members; and to promote the ideals of multiculturalism and interracial harmony in the community.

The women's group of the association operates to promote friendship and communication amongst women in the neighbourhood and to encourage the integration and participation of members in the wider community.

Need to know

Appointment: Not required.
Referral: Not required.
Catering to: All ages.
Cost: Both free and paid services.
Parent or guardian: Not required.
Languages: English, Cantonese, Chinese dialects, Mandarin