Kids Helpline

Aboriginal, Alcohol & Other Drugs, Counselling, Disability, Emergency Information, Employment, General Health & Wellbeing, Legal & Justice, Mental Health, Multicultural, Nutrition & Eating Disorders, Relationships, Sexual Health

Opening Times

Monday - Sunday 24 Hours
All public holidays 24 Hours


Kids Helpline is a free and confidential counselling service specifically for children and young people up to 25 years old. It is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Counselling and support is provided via the phone, web and email. Since 1991, young Australians have been contacting Kids Helpline about a wide range of issues; from everyday topics such as family, friends and school, to more serious issues of child abuse, bullying, mental health, drug and alcohol, homelessness and suicide. Children and young people have direct access to a counsellor and can choose to speak with either a male or female counsellor.

Need to know

Appointment: Not required.
Referral: Not required.
Catering to: Up to age 25.
Cost: Free service.
Parent or guardian: Not required.
Languages: English, Interpreters available