What is YouthSource?

YouthSource is a free directory for young people, and those who work and live alongside them. From clinics to schools to youth centres, YouthSource connects you to services and events across the Northern Sydney Region.

Who owns YouthSource?

YouthSource is a joint partnership initiative between the Department of Education and Communities, NSW Health Northern Sydney Local Health District, and North Sydney Council. The schools involved in the project are Naremburn School, Arndell School, and Pennant Parade Tutorial Centre. YouthSource has been funded through the Federal Government’s “Every student, Every School” initiative.

Why was YouthSource created?

This partnership developed from an emergent need to inform young people of existing local services that cater to their diverse needs. YouthSource will increase the dialogue between health care providers and youth; this will assist services in being more accessible and youth friendly while empowering young people to take greater ownership of their health and wellbeing.

How can I contact YouthSource?

To contact a YouthSource representative, email

How can I access YouthSource?

You can visit the YouthSource website with the browser on both your computer and your mobile device. The HTML5 design of the site allows it to transform to fit your screen. You can also use YouthSource by downloading the app for free from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

What area does YouthSource cover?

YouthSource includes services and events in the Northern Sydney Region. This area includes North Sydney, Ryde, Hornsby, the Hills District, and the Northern Beaches. Though some services and events included are not physically located in the Northern Sydney Region, they are accessible to young people living, studying, or working within the region.

How do services and events become included in YouthSource?

If you would like your service or event to be included in the YouthSource directory, please email and a representative will contact you.

What kinds of services are included in YouthSource?

We've sorted services into the following 24 categories: Aboriginal, Accommodation, Alcohol & Other Drugs, Community Service, Counselling, Disability, Education & Training, Emergency Information, Employment, Financial, Gambling, General Health & Wellbeing, Government Agency, Hospital, Legal & Justice, Library, Mental Health, Multicultural, Nutrition & Eating Disorders, Parenting Services, Relationships, Sexual Health, University, and Youth Centres. Some services will fit into more than one category.

What kind of service information does YouthSource provide?

Service listings normally show the following information: service name, service category, address, phone number, email address, website, opening hours, appointment requirements, age restrictions, referral requirements, cost, and languages spoken. Some services will not have all this information. For example, telephone services such as helplines may not have an address listed because their service is delivered over the phone only.

How do I know that the information on YouthSource is current and up to date?

We are constantly updating and adding new services and events to the YouthSource database, which powers searches on the app and website. The website is automatically up to date. The YouthSource app self-updates the database when your device is connected to the internet. This is not an app update, as there is not actually a change to the software, just to the content. As a result, you will not need to manually update the app on the App Store or Play Store.

How does the Search function work?

When someone enters search criteria on the website or app, the criteria filters through our database of service information. It searches services' names, descriptions, and the services they provide, in order to produce the most precise results possible.

Can anyone see what I'm searching for?

If you visit YouthSource in a desktop or mobile browser such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer, the site will appear in your browser history like any other site. We will not release any personal information you submit.

Why should I use YouthSource?

YouthSource is easy to use and to navigate, and the information provided is current and reliable. You know that when you are using YouthSource you are getting listings that are youth friendly. As opposed to a general web search, YouthSource allows you to apply specific search criteria, and the service information is comprehensive.

What does the YouthSource app do?

With the YouthSource app, you can: search for local services easily and confidentially, access service details such as cost, location, opening hours and languages spoken, use the directory even if your device is not connected to the internet, contact services directly from the app, and save to Favourites for easy access, activate the Around Me feature to list services closest to you on an interactive map, get step-by-step driving, walking, cycling and public transport directions, browse events happening in your area, and share service or event information with friends via text or email. The app is available to download for free on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

How do I search for services on the YouthSource app?

To search for services on the app, tap the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner. Simply enter the criteria you wish to search, and your results will be displayed as a list or as a map.

Is the YouthSource app available on Android and iPhone?

Yes, you can download the YouthSource app for free on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

What is the Around Me feature on the YouthSource app?

The Around Me feature uses your device's GPS to search for services near you, and lists results in order of proximity.

How do I save specific services on the YouthSource app?

The YouthSource app allows users to save services, which can be accessed via the menu by selecting “My Favourites”. To add a service to your favourites, open the service details and select the star icon in the top right corner of the page. Favourites are a great way to easily access services that you may need in the future in a discrete way.

Why is the events page blank when I open the YouthSource app?

The services and events listed in our directory are constantly being changed and updated. In order to update this information in the app, your mobile device must have an internet connection. If you haven't opened the app or been connected to the internet in a while, then the events page will seem blank while it is downloading the newest events. This normally only takes a couple minutes, it depends on the speed of your internet connection.

How do I search for services on the website?

To search for services on the YouthSource website, enter search terms directly from the home page, or click the search icon at the top of the site. Once on the Search page,enter the service category, the location near which you would like to search, the age of the person who will be accessing the service, and keywords. The keyword could be: - The name of the service, like "Clinic 16" - A condition, such as "anxiety" or "herpes" - Something the service does, like "STI test" or "referral"

Why does YouthSource look different on Internet Explorer than on other browsers?

The YouthSource website was designed to work with the current software of browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox. Therefore, if your browser is not up to date, then this can affect the look of the site. This will not affect the functioning of the site in any way. Regularly updating your browser will ensure that all websites, not just YouthSource, are displaying correctly. Updating your internet browser or using another browser should solve any aesthetic problems.

Can I get a printed version of the directory?

We do not distribute printed versions of the directory. However, you can contact your local council about their area-specific youth directory. Alternatively, feel free to print out any information that may assist you.

Can I write a review of a service?

YouthSource was not designed to provide this service, and will not be offering this function at this time. We do however encourage individuals to submit feedback to the service itself. YouthSource takes no responsibility for incorrect information submitted to us from the services.

Can I report incorrect service information?

If you discover that certain details we provided are incorrect or out of date, please email with a description of the incorrect information supplied and we will investigate it further.

What age do you have to be to access YouthSource?

YouthSource is designed for both young people and the people that work and live alongside them. As such, most of the services included are youth-specific. However, people of any age are welcome to use the app and website.

Do I need a referral to access any of the services?

Some of the services listed do require referrals. Please read the service details to determine whether a referral is necessary and if in doubt please contact the service directly.

What is bulk billing?

Bulk billing is when a service accepts the Medicare benefit as full payment for a service. Essentially, it means that a service will only charge the amount that the government is willing to pay for you: you don’t need to hand over any money for the service. To have access to bulk billing you need to have a Medicare card. For more information about bulk billing, visit the Department of Human Services online:

How can I get a Medicare card?

If you are 15 or older, you can get your own Medicare card by visiting a Department of Human Services Centre. Alternatively, your name will be included on your parent/guardian’s Medicare card. To learn more about getting a Medicare card, visit the Department of Human Services online:

What does CALD mean?

CALD stands for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse. This phrase is used to describe people who have a diverse cultural background or whose first language is not English.

Who designed the YouthSource website and app?

Tilt + Co, an Australian mobile digital solution company, designed the website and app. For more information, visit them online: